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BOATS:  We have room for your boat and can probably plug it in for you as well.  Please ask at the office where to park.

CABINS ONLY:  No smoking.  Please use white towels for your clean bodies and paper towels for messes.  Please make sure all dish/glass/cook/flat ware are left in the cabin.  Please wash your dishes.  If something is broken, please let us know.  If something is missing or destroyed after your departure, we will assess a replacement charge.  Those charges are listed in your cabin.

CANCELLATIONS:  We understand that plans change but please understand that last minute reservations really hurt our business.  We have very limited space and have likely turned another guest away while we have held your room/site for you.  Still, we offer a full refund - credit card fees, if done before 7 days of your arrival.  Within 7 days, we keep only the deposit.  For large groups and long-term stays, the balance is due 2 weeks prior to arrival and becomes non-refundable at that time.


OFFICE HOURS:  9 am – 7 pm daily, May - October.  Outside business hours, feel free to call or email and we'll get back to you.  In case of emergency, outside of business hours, call (719) 748-3822


  • Cabins:  Check in after 3 pm and out before 11 am.  If you check out before the office is open, please leave your key in the drop box to the right of the office door.

  • RVs:  Check in after 1 and out before 12 pm.

We are happy to accommodate an early check in if your cabin/site is available.  Please give a call on the day of your reservation to check. Late check ins are fine.  Please let us know in advance so we can accommodate.

COMMUNITY RESTROOMS:  We have a men’s and women’s restroom just outside the lodge with two showers and a toilet in each.  Please be considerate of others by limiting your time and picking up after yourself.  Restrooms are for paying guests only.

FIRES YOU MUST NOTIFY THE FRONT OFFICE IF YOU INTEND TO HAVE A CAMPFIRE.  We are required to notify the fire dept.  The fire dept has a nifty app that shows where all intended fires are, so if someone reports smoke, they know whether it’s a concern or not.  It is windy and dry here and the fire danger is high.  All fires must be in designated fire pits.  If your cabin or campsite does not have one, there is one at the back of the property by the horseshoe pit.  If that is unavailable, come ask us, there might be one available in one of the tent sites.  FIRES MUST BE ATTENDED AT ALL TIME and can reach no higher than 2 feet.  ALL FIRES MUST BE COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED (defined as cold to the touch.)  SOMETIMES THE WIND PICKS UP AND FIRES REIGNITE.  We are happy to provide you with buckets for water.  Please use it generously.  Sometimes, the county imposes fire bans.  In that case, only fires that you can turn off are allowed.  Propane is fine, no charcoal or wood.

GUESTS If your friends are camping nearby, please visit them at their campsites.  Your cabins and community restrooms are for paying guests only.  All guests must be accounted for during check-in.  If a guest is discovered not accounted for, then you and your guests will be required to leave without refund.

HOLIDAYS:  A minimum 2 night stay is required on these holidays:  New Years, Memorial Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

PETS Well trained dogs are welcome but must be on a leash at all times.  Please clean up after them and DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE IN YOUR CABIN OR RV; it is way too exciting and they bark.  In cabins, please keep them off the furniture.  We charge a non-refundable $20 cleaning fee per dog per stay in cabins and allow no more than 2.  All dogs must be accounted for during check-in.  If a dog is discovered not accounted for, then you and your dog/s will be required to leave without refund.

Sorry, no cats.

QUIET TIME:  Strictly enforced from 10 pm- 8 am


Please turn off all large outdoor lights at 10 pm.

Your vehicle must fit into your site.  If it doesn’t, or you brought additional vehicles, please ask where to park.


SMOKING:  NO SMOKING IN CABINS.  You may sit outside on the porch as long as it’s not blowing back in your cabin or bothering your neighbor.  We don’t care if it’s weed or tobacco.  Please dispose of your butts properly.

SPEED LIMIT:  5 MPH at all times

TENTS Each tent may have 2 adults and a maximum of 4 people.  If we see that you have more than allowed, we will ask you to leave.

TOILETS We use a septic system so please, human waste and toilet paper only.  No tissues, feminine products, or paper towels.  There is no such thing as flushable wipes.  NO BLEACH!

TRASH:  We have a dumpster at the back of the campground; please dispose of only your daily trash, (no construction or large items.)  Break down boxes.  Make sure the lid comes all the way down to keep the crows out.  It is locked from 8 pm- 8 am.  The trash can near cabin parking is intended for dog waste.  All cigarette butts need to go in the sand cans in front of the cabins or an ashtray.  Please do not leave them on the ground or bring them into your cabin


WILDLIFE For your safety and the safety of the local wildlife, do not leave any unattended food or trash outside your cabin or RV.  Bring your coolers inside at night.


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