Cancellation:  All cancellations for tents, RV sites and cabins must be done 7 DAYS PRIOR to your check-in date. Please call before 9:00pm or email before midnight. Save your receipt, your cancellation email, and/or your reservation number for easy reference please. Lake George Cabins and RV Park will do everything possible to accommodate you, but keep in mind that we do not refund customers if you forgot to cancel a reservation. We do not charge your entire stay for canceling a reservation. We only charge the first night's stay for a tent, RV site or cabin when cancelling beyond the 7-day window described. There are no refunds for early departures.

​Smoking: No smoking of any kind is allowed in any cabin at any time. You can't smoke tobacco or marijuana. Smoking is permitted outside, but please be considerate to other guests. Please "help your butt" land in a fire pit or designated area. We charge an extra night's stay if there is evidence of smoking in the cabin. 

Fire Bans: Bans are common and change daily. When in effect, you can't even say the word "spark." That means no fires in the pits, no charcoal grills, nada. You can have a propane grill only (which you will have to bring). If you want to contact Park County, go to or call 719-836-2771.

Pets: We welcome pets with some simple regulations designated by the County:

1) Please be courteous and take pets behind the cabins, toward the river or across the creek to "do their business." Plastic baggies are provided in the office for your convenience.

2) Our cabins and RV Park are 100% pet friendly by design, inside and out. We only ask that you pick up their business. We charge you extra if we clean up your poop.

3) Pets must be on a leash at all times.

4) If you leave for the day, please take your pet with you. Do not leave pets inside your tent, your cabin, inside your RV or tied up outside for an extended period. They may disturb others when you leave.

5) Lastly, be conscious of your pet; if you can hear it barking, we can too. 

Damage / Excessive Uncleanliness: If you damage something during your stay, our first request is that you notify us so we can fix it for the next customer. If it is something we deem as "normal wear and tear," no charges will ever be assessed. If WE think you or your pet caused abnormal damage or have left an extreme mess at your cabin/site, we may charge your credit card for the repair and/or the extra housekeeping. Dumpsters are provided for you.


​Dirty Dishes: Leaving a dirty coffee cup or a butter knife is one thing, but if your cabin looks like the Friday night swing shift at Applebee's, we will charge an extra $10 cleaning fee. Leave your cabin like you found it.


Additional Cabin Maintenance: We work hard to keep mice and spiders out, but we are in the country. We will come dispose of critters for you, but do not offer a discount or a refund. We don't provide personal toiletries but we MAY have these items for you to beg, borrow or steal.  Towels, pans and bedding items already exist however. Towels and washcloths are provided for showers only. We want to provide you and other guests with clean, stain free towels so please don’t use them for interior or exterior cleaning. It will cost five dollars per item.


​Technology and Wi-Fi: There are no televisions and no phones in the rooms by design. We have just upgraded our Wi-Fi for your convenience.​


Holiday Reservations:  Every holiday weekend during our busy season requires a two-night minimum stay

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